Fall Goals

Where to begin?

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done a post. The last time was in June, and quite a bit has happened since then. I talked about beta-reading and the importance of having someone other than yourself read your book (no matter how great you might think it is!). So what’s been going on since then? Let’s check it out.

Writing and more writing

Over the summer, I managed to finish (heavily) editing Emerald City. After two and a half weeks of slogging through the manuscript with all of my beta-readers’ comments, I added about 30,000 more words to the whole story. Important words, I might add, as they helped to build characters and develop the world a bit better. I am super thankful for all of the awesome readers who are out there and are willing to do this kind of reading. Think about it—beta-reading means that you are spending time and energy with a manuscript that is not quite done. It is riddled with flaws and lack of proper editing. Kudos to all beta-readers out there.

Next, I managed to start working on my fantasy romance series. I had written book 1 back in 2017. Reading through it in 2023, I saw just how amateurish my writing was. The plot wasn’t that great, either…but I did fix it up as best as I could!

And then, of course, I started on the third book of the Diamond City trilogy! I’m about halfway through it as of this post, and it’s coming, guys!

So, what’s next?

All right. Here’s what I’m thinking.

  • August – Write as much of Diamond City #3 as possible
  • September – Finish up Emerald City edits, then send to final proofreader
  • October – Start reading through fantasy-romance title
  • November – Format Emerald City/send fantasy-romance title to beta-readers/cover for fantasy-romance
  • December – Publish Emerald City!/Finish Diamond City #3
  • January – Edit fantasy-romance title/Send Diamond City #3 to beta-readers
  • February – Send fantasy-romance to final proofreader
  • March – fantasy-romance cover/Diamond City #3 edits/Diamond City #3 cover
  • April – fantasy-romance page formatting/Send Diamond City #3 to final proofreader
  • May – Publish fantasy-romance title
  • June – Diamond City #3 page formatting
  • August – Publish Diamond City #3

Whew! Is that a lot or what? But it’s been in my head all summer, and here it is for you all to see! Publishing is no joke. For me, it’s about ensuring my readers get quality books. That’s all that matters.

What should you keep an eye out for?

Emerald City will be up for pre-order soon! And with it, a nice little incentive. How about exclusive access to Diamond City #3’s first three chapters? Or…a nice art print? Stay tuned!

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  1. You’ve got exciting stuff on your horizon! I have fallen in love with Diamond City and I’m looking forward to reading Emerald City.

    1. Hey, Amanda! So glad you love Diamond City! Who was your favorite character?

      I can’t wait to read what your thoughts are on Emerald 🙂 Stay tuned, because the ARC should be coming your way in mid-late September!

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