Diamond City

Welcome to the comprehensive glossary for Diamond City! This will be your go-to resource for decoding terminology and acronyms used in the novel.

The Four Major Races

Only a few thousand remained after nuclear devastation on earth. With so much of the planet uninhabitable due to radiation, these humans survived underground until it was safe to come back up again. They started building towns in the area known as the Outskirts and even settled into the four districts of Diamond City. Five hundred years later, many became Enhanced to fight the Overseers and allegedly drive away the Lolligo, the original founders of the Diamond City districts.

humans who have been genetically modified to wield super strength, intelligence, and longevity. They were recruited in the Unification War to fight the Overseers of Diamond City. After unification, they were enlisted in the military with the majority of them executed for insubordination.

A mix between a human and Lolligo.

Although their origins remain unknown, they are strong and powerful creatures who have their own society. Rumors speculate they are humans from the Old World who survived radiation. Many also believe they are alien lifeforms that landed on the planet after nuclear devastation. To many humans and Enhanced, they are considered godly beings or prophets whose purpose is to guide them to enlightenment. To others, they are oppressive creatures who want to destroy the human race. The nickname “Squid” is a heavy insult. At some point, four Lolligo, known as the Forefathers, founded the Diamond City districts.

Terms (Sayings)

A reference to the four Lolligo who founded the four districts in Diamond City. There was Pugnator for Cut, Luminator for Clarity, Clandestine for Carat, and Laetus for Color.

A curse or praise that stems from the character “Star Raider,” from the Defenders Unite! television show that aired around the time of the Unification War in Diamond City. It is also the name of a powerful drug that destroys the Cells in an Enhanced’s body.

The name given to Sage, the warrior who led the resistance against the Overseers during the Unification War. Although not many knew her true identity, she was still revered as a gift from the Lolligo to help them fight corruption. Since then, the term has been used to describe someone who is an ultimate fighter.


A powerful liquor that requires a signed waiver to consume in public places. Just one sip can intoxicate a human. It contains small traces of Stars, making it equally harmful for Enhanced, too.

A drug that originated in the Carat District of Diamond City. It is a reddish liquid that is consumed through injection for the best effect.

A poison created in Winterfeld. It thickens the blood until it suffocates you.

A metal discovered by many to be an Enhanced’s weakness, since it destroys the Cells within Enhanced. It does the same to hybrids and Lolligo, but unlike Enhanced, they can regenerate their Cells.

The actual red blood cells from a Lolligo, containing their DNA. It was only through an Enhanced that their Cells became compatible with humans.


Thick, fuzzy socks that features different cartoons, animals, or places

A conditioner Sage uses for her hair, provided by the Warlord in Mousafeld

Diamond City’s data service network

A trinket Sage found at the Marketplace in Mousafeld. They act like projectors, producing high quality images or videos. They can carry whatever is downloaded onto them, making them convenient to take anywhere.

An icy blend of chocolate and coffee, offered at the Art Festival.

Sold by local street vendors. They’re known to be a bit soggy thanks to all the rain, but are still super delicious.

tv shows

A show that aired before and during the Unification War to promote the Enhanced. It features an array of superheroes known as “defenders” who tackle monsters or evil forces that attack the city. The main character, Star Raider, inspired Sage to fight in the Unification War. It has long been banned by the Allseer who doesn’t want any Enhanced propaganda, so residents don’t become motivated to attain more power.

A reality TV show that follows Louis Kilstrong in everyday palace life as well as his travels through the districts. It became a popular hit in Diamond City and inspired Sage’s dreams of a fairy-tale life.

Fastball Teams

Cut Porcupines
Clarity Owls
Carat Lions
Color Frogs

Mousafeld Tamers
Sunfeld Suns
Wolfeld Wolves
Winterfeld Snowmen
Steelfeld Blacksmiths
Forestfeld Giants
Resortfeld Daiquiris


The equivalent of an emperor. One was established after the unification of Diamond City by the Enhanced, to overlook the four districts and ensure the Overseers didn’t take advantage of its residents. Ironically, Diamond City’s only Allseer to date, Marchello Kilstrong, eliminated opposing Enhanced and sought ways to remain in power indefinitely.

Before the Unification War, the Overseers were corrupt and manipulative. In the Cut District, Overseer Callus performed a variety of experiments on his own residents. They were often at war with each other and didn’t allow migration between districts. After the war, new Overseers were assigned to the districts and are subdued by the Allseer.

A group of five men and women who serve as the Allseer’s advisors, although it is well known that they are more for show and don’t really contribute to the Allseer’s ruling. After the Allseer’s execution, the five took power for themselves and allowed Sage to use the heirs, Louis and Agathe Kilstrong, as bait to defeat the Warlord.

Diamond City gained its first true military after the Unification War. The Enhanced who fought in the war joined forces to create the city’s offensive and defensive forces. Using Wren, the Allseer created more soldiers to make the military ten-thousand strong. While it only takes one dose of Cells to turn a human into Enhanced, commanders receive two doses for extra power and strength.

THE Higher Order

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