Diamond City


    The main character of the Diamond City series. She is 118 years old at the start of the first novel, bored with her little low-key life at her pizzeria, Two for Pizza. Unknown to anyone else but her family, she is the Optimum who united the four Diamond City districts a hundred years ago. Since then, she’s kept out of politics until getting tangled up in the royal family’s conquests. Sold out by her own (fifth generation) nephew, she is tasked with defeating the Warlord, a Diamond City exile who fought the Allseer and his selfish agenda. She is much stronger than the average Enhanced because she is a hybrid, the offspring of a Lolligo and a human.


    Sage’s full-blooded sister, also a hybrid. She was sold to science by her mother for money. Her cells were used to enhance humans into superior warriors that gathered to overthrow the corrupt Overseers in each of Diamond City’s districts. She spent the better part of her childhood in a laboratory until she was rescued by Francis Kilstrong, who kept her for his own purposes. It is later revealed that it was she and Francis, also known as the Cell Destroyer by the Private Guard, that went around taking people’s Cells back.

  • BRAM Fraser

    Sage’s fifth-generation nephew. He works at Two for Pizza alongside Sage. He is also the founder of the Private Guard, the Allseer’s secret service, and the father of Candice and Olivia, Sage’s nieces. He is of Scottish descent with coppery red hair and green eyes, which his daughters inherited.


    Sage’s longtime roommate. He is a Lolligo, a legend in the eyes of society. Although not much is known about the Lolligo, they are worshipped as divine beings with great strength and knowledge. Like others of his species, he is over six feet tall with no hair, sharp teeth, and a muscularly defined body. He also has the ability to shape-shift. He was still in an egg when Sage found him in the Clarity District during the Unification War.


    The prince of Diamond City as well as Sage’s love interest. As a 114-year-old male living the palace life, he is greatly spoiled and a bit of a coward. When his father is killed in a duel against the Warlord, the council pays him little mind and uses him as a decoy. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and is of French descent. His real last name is Touissant, which was changed by his father to Kilstrong because it was too “common.” Although clumsy and bubbly, his heart is in the right place. He learns to care for Sage as well as respect Samson greatly.


    The Allseer of Diamond City since its unification. Marchello is an Enhanced who fought alongside the Optimum in the Unification War, but has long since gotten used to palace life. This led to his quick defeat by the Warlord’s hands. Later in the story, his decapitated head speaks to Sage and warns her of the Lolligo’s threat.


    Marchello’s younger brother. Although not much is known about him, he acted independently when he retrieved Wren Arpine from a laboratory in the Cut District. Power-hungry, he joined forces with Wren to extract the Cells from Enhanced in Diamond City. As a result of overconsumption, he turned into a monster that Wren later named “Taz.”


    Louis’ younger sister. Like her brother, she, too, lived a spoiled and pampered lifestyle at the Diamond City capital. She was abducted by the Warlord when the Allseer lost in the duel, but she was never raped or beaten like everyone thought she would be. Later, it is revealed that she fell in love with the Warlord and shared her first kiss with him. Unfortunately for her, it never went past that.


    The Diamond City commander. He is the Warlord’s older brother who has sworn his life to the throne. He is a skilled fighter from the Clarity District, although he never really participated in the Unification War since he didn’t want to get his hands dirty. The Allseer keeps him as a secret weapon, allowing him to roam the districts as a spy in search of trouble. Tall and handsome, he is sneaky and conniving when he tries to rape Sage and then blackmails her into chasing after the Warlord.


    The main antagonist in the series, although this changes depending on the perspective. Exiled because of his ideas of revolution in the city, he is an enemy of the Allseer who wants power all to himself. He creates a camp in Mousafeld, a town right outside the Circular Forest, and gathers other exiles in a second attempt to oust the Allseer. He claims to want unity and opportunity for the people of Diamond City, even going as far as to offer them a chance to become Enhanced, too, but his intentions once in power remain unclear. Saddled with a hectic past, he searches for love and attention from anyone he can get it from. Eventually, he falls for Sage who becomes his fiancée.


    One of the Warlord’s rebels and a loyal friend to Sage. Like the Warlord, she was exiled from Diamond City when she protested against the Allseer’s heavy-handed rule. Although born a man, she embraced her womanhood and switched genders sometime before she became an Enhanced. She has a sister and niece, Emma and Sally, who are street vendors in the Cut District. Secretly, she loves knitting and is terrible at fastball.


    A rebel and former lover of the Warlord. She helped him escape execution in Diamond City after he was betrayed by his partner. While they never forged a relationship, it is implied they were together for some time before the Warlord broke it off. She is extremely jealous of Sage and doesn’t come to respect her until the end of the story, when she sees how effective Sage is as a leader and gathering allies to take back Diamond City from the council.


    A rebel who is quiet but mighty. Known for his large fists and skill on the fastball court, he becomes fast friends with Sage and later hooks up with Gertrude.


    A rebel who was Gertrude’s love interest at first. Short and snappy, there isn’t much to like about him at the beginning of the story. Like most of the rebels, he likes to talk trash and terrorize anyone he can. He, Rockstar, and Eye Candy are quickly put in their places when they try to bully Sage and get beaten up instead.


    The only religious rebel in Mousafeld. He has his own chapel where he’s amassed lost Lolligo texts. Although he sounds extreme and a bit crazy with his constant reverence of the Lolligo, he often cites truths and is good-natured.

  • August Vaughan

    Sage’s childhood friend from Diamond City. He and Sage went to school together where they started a coalition against Overseer Callus of the Cut District, who was experimenting on his own citizens. While he became an Enhanced, Sage was already a hybrid who led them in battle. He and Sage were short-time lovers until he joined the Warlord’s Rebellion and got exiled to Wolfeld. There, he remained isolated from the rest of the towns in the Outskirts and worked on developing never-before-seen technology like a biodome and Extractor. Despite this, he still cares for Sage and helps her in any way he can.

  • Gregory Amaryllis

    Sage’s ex-husband and leader of the Diamond City council after the Allseer’s death. He is described as old and withered despite his being an Enhanced. Like Marchello, he, too, fought in the Unification War where he met Sage and fell in love with her. After a short marriage with no children, he joined the Allseer’s side in the Warlord’s Rebellion. He gives in to Sage’s demands only because he knows she can overpower him. He also knows she holds abilities that could rival his ten thousand-strong military.

  • Gavin Craddock

    The leader of Winterfeld. Like most of the Enhanced in the Outskirts, Gavin was exiled from Diamond City for siding with the Warlord. He helped establish one of the more advanced towns in the Outskirts, featuring technology and poisons never seen before in Diamond City. He and his followers created androids and a poison called Thickener, which clogs up the veins of anyone who consumes it. Although he welcomed the Warlord with open arms, his true intentions were devious. Unfortunately for him, he met his end at the hands of the Warlord.


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