After nearly suffering defeat at the hands of her sister, Sage does all in her power to return to a normal life. Her fairytale dreams of marrying a prince and living at the palace don’t quite turn out, but she can’t complain now that she’s found true love and a chance at peace. At least, that’s what she hopes for.

With the Squids hot on her trail and pregnant women carrying alien fetuses, Sage knows she isn’t safe no matter where she turns. As try as she might to ignore the calls to battle, she doesn’t have a choice when she returns to Diamond City and realizes the new Allseers are plotting to capture her, too. As a hybrid, Sage’s blood has the potential to turn humans into Enhanced, and what growing army wouldn’t want an opportunity to become more powerful? Sage’s hopes of reopening her pizzeria and marrying Damian are dashed when she’s betrayed by the very people she loves. Forced to flee once more, Sage finds herself in the Outskirts where she battles more than just Squids—she discovers a dark past that could change her life forever.

Sage isn’t the only hybrid out there. If Sage wants any semblance of that fairytale dream she’s after, she’s going to have to fight more than just the corruption in her own city—she has to confront Emerald City and their advancing armies. Stopping them would be so much easier if she could trust her allies, but after a devastating betrayal by her own lover, she can’t even do that. Like in the Unification War a hundred years ago, she’ll have to fight for the sake of her home and children.

Who are not human by any means.