Learn More About Astrid Cole

Astrid Cole developed her love for writing in her senior year in high school. It all started when she and a friend collaborated on a vampire novel, since Twilight was the hot movie in 2009. Although that first novel was just for fun, Astrid never stopped writing even when she started Miami-Dade College in 2009. Amidst her goal to get into medical school, she came up with tons of science fiction thrillers that she’d write for fun when she wasn’t studying. A few years later, she realized that medical school wasn’t for her and that it was time to start honing her craft as a writer.

At Florida International University, she switched to an English major. There, she got to read literatures from a variety of time periods and her favorite poet was Edmund Spencer (way better than Shakespeare). She thought of publishing her first novel in 2012, but quickly realized she wasn’t ready and kept writing stories on the side.

In 2013, she started getting into fitness and competed in her first (and only) bodybuilding show just two years later. Winning third place qualified her for states, but she loved eating too much to compete again. Instead, she focused on running, completing a half-marathon in 2017, and then powerlifting, which she does for fun.

After she got her master’s in English Literature in 2021, she started reading more fantasy and science fiction and tried her hand at publishing once more. Since then, she’s been working on the Diamond City trilogy and plans to revisit earlier novels for publication.


My preferred genre are always going to be science fiction and fantasy. Honestly, it’s much easier to get away with certain plot elements when you have those genres on your side. Real-world stories require a lot of research, especially when using real places. For example, I live in Florida and if I write a story in New York, well, how is that going to work out if I’m not a native New Yorker? Of course, you have to do your share of world-building to make it believable, but it’s fun to let the imagination soar for a bit and create your own world with its rules.

Writing typically energizes me if I’m doing it on a weekend afternoon. During the week, I usually write in spurts, either in between classes or in between sets at the gym, lol! If it comes to the point that it exhausts me, then it’s time to stop.

Time. If I have family coming over or a friend I have to visit, then I know I won’t be writing or editing that day.

The number-one rule that I’ve learned is: write what you love! A long time ago, I tried to mold my writing to YA because it’s what agents and publishers wanted. It was miserable, so I stuck to what I loved.

Oh, man, this really depends. I typically write a series for main characters that I like and whose story I want to continue. Not all characters make the cut. It also really depends if I can tell the story in one book, or if I need more to finish the story.

Be patient and keep working because your work right now sucks! I like to look back at my writing from time to time, and the improvement from now (2023) and then (2010) is huge. I am so happy I didn’t publish in 2010!

Hiring a cover artist and investing in Mayfly Design, a company that has shown me the ropes of self-publishing.

My absolute favorite authors are Holly Black, Sarah J. Maas, SJ Kincaid, and Raven Kennedy. Their stories influenced mine in so many ways.

First, I have to edit the second book of Diamond City and then it’s on to the third! I plan to publish the second next year, and the third the following year. For the next series? Well, stay tuned!

I don’t have a means of doing this yet, but I will! Right now, Diamond City is only available for pre-order as an Ebook on Amazon. Physical copies will be coming in mid-June. Stay tuned!